♡ CG斯巴达学生William研修后记

发布日期:2018-08-31 18:14

I had a nice time in CG for 1 month.
CG has strict rule that pushes me to study. For example, EOP (English only policy), and I can’t go out during week days.
I think that I can’t have the chance to put myself in this strict environment again.
You may think “Isn’t it too strict?”, There are humorous teachers, a lot of friends from other countries, cheering each other, and having some time to play made me not to think that it’s hard to endure.
I can study English practically, different from the one that I can learn in Japan.
So, I could get TOEIC score surprisingly higher than before.
Thanks to everyone in CG.
If you’re hesitating, I recommend you to study in CG!