♡ CG斯巴达学生Neo研修后记

发布日期:2018-09-03 01:54

Hello, I am a college student who came to the Philippines to English. I take vocabulary test every day, it was rewarding experience as listening English and using English all to improve and develop my English ability better. Teachers treated me very much and felt comfortable. So I always took the chair and class in my chair. I used a three-room, but it was a little difficult. Cleaning maids cleaned up their cleaning dishes and cleaned them neatly, but they got messy because they were getting messy. It was basically a private institution that allowed us to study whatever we wanted to protect ourselves. If you worry about inconveniences, you might feel comfortable working with friends or using a single room. Because your managers don't act as authorities and appear to be working rationally working in consensus, I have never felt guilty or at all.