♡ CG斯巴达学生Acer研修后记

2018-09-03 02:30
Each country has their own curriculum in education and economic system. Some people who think the entirety is fitting for them are able to accept that. On the other hand, some citizens have never felt satisfied whatever the government does; however, the politicians can never obviate that they have their own views and different opinions. As a result, a large number of people decide to study or work abroad in order to disengage from their original routine and attempt to obtain the desired result of their lives. Nevertheless, those people including myself have to encounter a common and fatal problem – language. Language is the biggest and the most serious obstruction for the people who want to acquire impressive certificates or employment opportunities in foreign countries. Therefore, improving English skill becomes a significant thing. For some people, they opt to learn in their countries. However, I chose to visit another country in which English is their second language, the Philippines. Nonetheless, the issue is what academy should I select for there are plenty of schools here. Finally, I made the best decision– Cebu Globalization ESL Center (CG).
CG is located in Talisay City where it is regarded as one of the most developed urban cities in the Philippines. The previous reason why I chose CG is because I am well-informed that this city has a suitable weather, secure environment, and convenient conditions. Moreover, this school projects energetic curricula and all of the teachers here have high qualities of teaching. Lastly, in comparison with the tuition in this kind of curriculum design to other schools, CG is not really quite overpriced as others. These are the main reasons why I chose CG before coming here. 
As time goes by, I have already been studying here for a long time so I found out that there are more merits of this school that I would like to glorify. Therefore, I am going to state some particular policies which l assent to and which are really beneficial for the students including me:  

- Forceful Course Design & Comprehensive Curriculum Choices.
Each student has ten or eleven classes a day and some students who are planning to have a real national exam in the Philippines have responsibilities to study until a limited time. This kind of compact course arrangement helps students easily soak up the lessons or the language because most of the time we are studying. What’s more, personally, I think if we only study how to choose the correct answer from multiple choice questions, we can never really learn about it and know what is "English ". However, CG has more than eighty teachers for man-to-man classes and has offered almost twenty kinds of various topics for the group classes to choose. All of these distinctive subjects such as Survival English, Debate and Argumentation, or Global Business are really helpful for the students to know how to communicate with foreigners and it also allows the students to be in line with the international standards.

-  Professional Teaching Styles & Exceptional Qualities Of Teachers. 
CG has three different main courses namely, ESL, IELTS, and TOEIC. In my case, I had an experience in learning ESL and I am studying IELTS course now. Therefore, I will just only describe the teaching styles of these two courses. The teachers of ESL are always kind and have a lot of patience. They will not let the students be too stressed or want to give up learning. It is because they program the lessons according to the different levels of students and the students can also discuss what topic they do want to learn with their teachers and together design a suitable content. These kinds of teaching methodologies motivated me to study because I wouldn't sense the difficulty or confusion about the knowledge they taught me and take it up. Furthermore, learning within interesting topics such as idioms or tongue twisters could help me relieve the pressure from studying.
On the other side, I can strongly sense that the teachers in IELTS are extremely special and professional. They absolutely have sufficient teaching skills and knowledge. They are also aware how to shepherd students into the right direction. In addition, we are given a lot of exercises for the exam simulation in every class and the teachers also teach us many functional ways and utilitarian tips to answer the questions to get a perfect score. Besides, the thing that makes me open-mouthed is that CG has their own teachers' training institution. All teachers have obligations to attend a class which has an expert trainer and they also need to take exams every three months. As a result of these drills, the teachers are able to conform the variety of patterns of exams and update the newfangled information for the students any time. 

-Essay Writing Exercise & Exam Simulation Arrangement.
As an ESL student before, I had to write an essay for a particular topic with prescriptive words every day and the teacher who checked my essay before is really conscientious. She did not only teach me how to write complex sentences but also read every word in my essay and write a lot of synonyms for each word in order to make me more acquainted with more vocabularies. Therefore, I had authentically improved a lot on my writing skills because of this practice and as well as with the help of teachers. Lastly, the most beneficial policy for me is the exam simulation. CG has three types of major exams for the different courses of students every regular time. For the IELTS students, we need to take a mock test every week. It is excessively helpful for us because we can realize to what extent we are now and what part we should strengthen more. It also helps us to get used to the circumstances of real exam so we will have an ability to face and solve any sudden situation without being bemused

 CG ESL Center affirmatively has his own holistic and cracking education system. However, I still have some suggestions based from my own experience. Firstly, the vocabulary which is included in our vocabulary test is effortlessly easy to be forgotten and is not practical for speaking or writing. Actually I have been asking about this from other students for a long time. I have never heard someone who can completely remember or practically apply most of the vocabulary that they had studied before. I think the main reasons are that students do not have ample time and chance to totally comprehend how to utilize the new words. Therefore, I recommend that the school can demand students to utilize the particular words in their essay writing every day. Moreover, the office can also require the teachers to have at least one class which content is the application of those new words to the students. I believe that it can help the students become more constant to the use of new words in a conversation and writing. Next, l can never deny that English Only Policy (EOP) is an affirmative and perfect policy in CG and I really love this policy so much. Though, I know it is too hard to entirely implement it because there are too many students and places; however, we do not have enough checkers who can surprise them to speak their mother tongue. Therefore, I suggest that the school can also empower every teacher to have authority to give students penalties while they are out of the rules. I think it is an acceptable solution and I am sure that it will work. 

In conclusion, Cebu Globalization ESL Center evidently has capabilities of teaching. It has the top teaching team, the affable teaching styles, and the meticulous arrangement of exam simulations which help me improve various kinds of English skills in a short time and offer me a comfortable learning environment to study. Even though this school still has some parts that are needed to be improved, I have never felt regretful after coming here. In addition, I strongly believe my life would be different in the future because I graduated from CG.